EcoAdvance provides consultation services for businesses, community organisations and households in energy and carbon footprint management. Our team of highly qualified professionals has extensive experience in the following areas:


Energy Audit


Carbon Management

Our Energy Auditors provide a comprehensive service to businesses, community groups and households to assist them in improving energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. We also offer facilitation to help our clients implement energy saving measures and practice. More


Our highly skilled Carbon Managers will monitor your Greenhouse Gas emissions. We offer carbon footprint reporting at a competitive rate. Our clients will be able to quantify their greenhouse gas emissions, and partake in future Emissions Trading Scheme. More



Green School


Renewable Energy

Applying for funding from the National Solar School Program? We can help you identify the most cost-effective technologies for your needs. EcoAdvance has been helping schools move toward sustainability. As well as recommending technology changes, we also offer an education and awareness program for students and staff. More


Reduce your Greenhouse Gas emissions and give your organisation a green image, by installing an on-site renewable energy system. We will help you accomplish this, by matching the technology and size of the system to your individual circumstances. More


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